People Passion Packaging: yes, this is us!

This is what our DNA is made up of: "People Passion Packaging!"

What are we trying to say? The message is very simple and straightforward:

We are great people with a huge passion for innovative and high-quality packaging. This unites and defines us across borders - this is the binding link between our multiple plants worldwide. It is also the motor that keeps us going and striving for growth - it makes us one big Constantia Flexibles Family. 

Our passion for packaging enables us to deliver excellent packaging solutions that follow the 4 P's of Packaging: Preservation (ensuring longer shelf life and barrier functions as well as hygiene standards), Protection (like puncture resistance, burst strength and tamper evidence), Promotion (as in customer convenience, functionality when carrying and opening as well as enabling promotional text) and Presentation (things like shape, portion size and essential information about the product).