Ecological Responsibility

Constantia Flexibles considers environmental responsibility as an integral part of its entrepreneurial activities. This is implemented on the basis of the following principles:

  • Awareness of possible environmental risks and their minimization through the choice of product technologies.
  • Use of environment-friendly materials in our product portfolio.
  • Use of every opportunity for a reduction in atmospheric, soil and water impact, as well as low greenhouse gas emissions and waste through appropriate measures.
  • Maximum utilization of resource and environment-protective technologies in line with the ongoing.

Continual improvements in connection with the consumption of raw materials, which consist primarily of aluminum, polymers, paper, varnishes and inks, constitute a major Group concern. In times of a steady long-term increase in energy consumption and growing, global water shortages, measures for the optimization of electricity, natural gas and water use constitute major factors in success – also in economic terms. In addition, emissions and the prevention or disposal of waste are subject to constant monitoring. Since 2005, our company has been measured its direct and indirect emissions in accordance with the “Greenhouse Gas Protocol”.

Additionally, potential environmental impacts on the level of product sustainability are made quantifiable through appropriate procedures (for example by conducting LCAs etc.). In this context, an understanding of the sustainability performance of our raw materials and of products supports us in new developments and in the achievement of our goals.